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[1/3] Descriptions of assumptions and conditions when generating CG images/movies

Making CG images requires several assumptions to the virtual world we treat.
[1/3/1] Black body spectrum

In order to easily implement so called red-shift/blue-shift effect of light rays, c
[1/3/2] We do not paint a black hole black.

It is hard to distinguish the black hole from its background black if we paint the black hole as black. ...
[1/3/3] The texture of stars on the celestial sphere

Not only the spiral galaxy but c
[1/3/4] The angle of view

[1/3/5] Detail parameters

Please ask me c
[1/3/6] How to read the clock in CG movies

Time progress is one of the important issues in relativity theory. ...
[1/3/7] Stereoscopic images

We use red-blue glasses.
[1/3/8] About CG program

All the images and movies are ...