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[1/4] Computer graphics on special relativity

Aberration, Doppler effect, ...
[1/4/1] Starbow

The views of the celestial sphere when the camera is accelerating linearly.
[1/4/2] Fast movement in cubic mesh

The camera moves through in the cubic mesh.
[1/4/3] Apparent shape of fast moving object

Apparent shape of the object that moves from left to right in front of camera with semi-light speed
[1/4/4] Lorentz contraction

The length of a fast moving object is observed to be shorter than usual.
[1/4/5] Twin paradox (though the discussion is beyond the special relativity)

The time progress of a moving clock A is slower than that of a resting clock B. However, c
[1/4/6] The view when the view point is moving in a circular orbit

The movie when the camera is moving with semi-light speed in a circular orbit c